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Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre was founded in Bath, UK in 1976. Now in Bristol we provide a specialised service in the restoration, care and repair of your Morris Minor and other classic cars. We can offer you a complete range of new and used Morris Minor parts and spares and have unrivalled experience in the mail order supply to Minor owners worldwide.




  • Service
  • MOT
  • Repairs - Mechanical, Body and Trim
  • Restoration - from small scuffs to complete rebuild
  • Car sales - a range of high quality Morris Minors
  • Parts - High quality parts delivered to your door 

   At Charles Ware we recognise the personal connection of the Morris Minor owner to their car.  Each car has its own character, it may have a name and been in the family for generations.  It may be your everyday driver or a car for high days and holidays. It may be a show car or something safe, simple and low cost for younger drivers.  Whatever your relationship with your Morris Minor our experience and expertise will ensure that you get the best from it.


      The Charles Ware philosophy of "Durable Car Ownership" informs the staging of works to restore your Morris Minor, or other classic car of this era, to its original condition, while keeping it on the road and keeping it within your budget.

Durable_Car_Ownership_morris-minor     We have a number of quality Morris Minors For Sale including Traveller, Convertible, Saloon, Van and Pick-up all with chassis guarantees and restored to our high standards.

    As well as providing all the MOT, servicing and repair jobs of a normal garage for your Morris Minor, we offer a full restoration service, including Mechanical, Bodywork, Chassis, Rustproofing, Traveller wood, Convertible Hoods, upgrades and Interior trim. Please look at our How To Get Advice page for further information on getting to know your car and what you can do to help us be as accurate as we can in our advice to you.

    Many of our MOT repairs, mechanical service and upgrades can be done in one day. Please book in advance and make an appointment. 

Tel: 0117 3003 754

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Morris Minors For Sale

Tel: 0044 (0)117 3003 754

Morris Minor Saloon for sale

Morris Minor Saloons

Morris Minor Travellers for Sale

Morris Minor Travellers

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Morris Convertibles

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Morris Minor vans

Please click on the model of your choice to see what cars we have in stock. Please note that not everything goes up straight away. If you are interested in a particular model with specific upgrades please contact us and we will find a suitable donor car. See our rebuilds page for examples of fully restored upgraded cars.

Morris Minor Rebuilds

Morris Minor Rebuilds


Upgrade your Morris Minor with our Tried and Tested SERIES III Modifications

Morris Minor Spare Parts

Tel: 0044 (0)117 3003 753

steering centre/horn pushOur Parts Department was established in 1976 to provide spares for customers and just as importantly, our workshops. When we choose the spare parts that we keep in stock we only take those items that our workforce use. If there is a problem of quality, dimension or fit our mechanics and restorers are the first to complain and our stores have to find a new supplier or complain to the current supplier that the spares are not up to standard. In this way we guarantee that our stock of parts is of the highest quality that can be found.


The advantage of you using our Parts Department is that the staff's knowledge of different models (whether the MM, 1000 or the Series II) and the years that changes were made, can save a lot of problems as very few Morris Minors are totally original and many have quirks depending on their year. This can be a potential area of confusion for customers and restorers as what appears to be the right part may turn out to belong to a different version of the car.


Go to our Online Catalogue

Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre Spare Parts CatalogueYou can purchase a Binder style Catalogue and Price list for £7.00 inc. postage and packaging. Perfect for the garage you can add price list updates and notes into the binder.

This catalogue dates back to the earliest days of the Morris Minor Centre when it was based in Bath. Complete with original exploded diagrams and part numbers it is a very easy way to find your way around the catalogue to find the parts you need.



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Other Classic Cars Restored

Our Staff are also experienced in the repair and restoration of other Classic Cars such as American Muscle cars and rally cars. Our workshops are equipped to cover the diverse requests when dealing with older vehicles. Our premises have the space for 3 cars in the welding bay, 5 cars in the bodyshop, 3 cars in the trim area and a large drive through Spray booth capable of taking many different sizes and types of motor vehicle. Please take a look at their work by clicking on the Mini Clubman.

Crown Sunroof and Trim

This is our specialist division dealing with all aspects of interior trim, hoods and sunroofs for all makes and models of vehicles. Well known and respected in the Bristol and Bath area, Neil Harwood now works in our trim shop and keeps his skills honed on all cars.



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