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***** When we use library pictures to advertise a car for sale, it is because the actual vehicle is still in our workshops and we have to use one of our many stock pictures to allow the prospective buyer to see how the finished car will look. These pictures are from our own stock so with the written description give an accurate view of the cars we have for sale.  NB. OUR PRICES ARE QUOTED IN GBP ( £ ) Click here to convert to any other currency. *****


2 morris minor travellersMorris Minor Travellers for Sale

A range of Morris Minor Travellers. High Quality, Chassis Guarantees, Series III upgrades available.


Visit our Rebuilds page to see examples of our highest level restored cars for sale.


If we have no cars listed for sale this is because stock is all sold, or has been reserved in advance. There is a high demand and low availability of top quality cars so to be sure not to miss out on the Morris Minor of your choice, please contact us and we can discuss your budget and the model of car you are looking for. This way we can give you first refusal on our Morris Minors as we find them.  

To help us further please download the questionnaire and return it to us by post or email.

Please call (+44) 0117 3003 754 and talk to Lucy, Tim or Andy as we don't always have our stock online straight away.


Recently Sold Morris Minor Travellers


1970 Snowberry White Traveller with Black Interior Trim


This is a standard Snowberry White Traveller. It has no upgrades other than a stainless steel exhaust, electric window washer and a system 4 device enabling it to run on unleaded petrol.

 It is a lovely car that has only had two previous owners.  The mileage of 42 thousand miles is believed to be genuine as documented on previous MOT’s.  So for the driver who values originality this is a perfect purchase.

The timber is good and has been given a sand down and re varnish in a highly durable Sikkens product to ensure longevity.  The photos show the car as it was before the rub down, but we have also added a picture of it in our workshop now that the wood has been done.

The chassis will have new centre floor panels and be wax injected for protection.

The bodywork is good and the paint fair for its age. The chrome is largely original and is still bright.

The interior trim is black and will be refitted with new carpets, while the seats will be receive new webbings and good second hand covers.  It is tidy and clean and very neat for its vintage. 

It has front inertia seat belts already fitted and rears can be added.

Currently priced at £10,950 there are a range of electrical and suspension upgrades that the vehicle would benefit from for a driver wanting some of the convenience of a modern car.  But as previously stated it is a very original vehicle



1967 Rose Taupe Traveller


This is a very straight vehicle with two previous owners on the log book.  It has a genuine 65 thousand miles on the clock. Though it has been in dry storage for twenty years.

It is standard in its specification and so there are no upgrades on it at all.  This allows the future owner the opportunity to choose from our range of discreet upgrades for safety and performance.  Currently an original leaded engine we will be converting it so that it will run on unleaded fuel. 

As it has been in storage there will be a thorough mechanical overhaul and service to ensure that it meets our standards.  Though the engine bay is standard the previous owner took good care of the car mechanically.

The chassis has been well looked after and is still strong.

The body work is fair and its looks have benefitted from a external repaint.  The Timber is fair though there is a small area where there has been a previous repair.

All in all it is a solid vehicle with lots of original character and charm.  It will work well as an everyday driver and has plenty of life in it.

Price £11,950


1968 Black Morris Minor Traveller with Cherokee Red Trim


This lovely traveller was repainted a couple of years ago and has a great shine and lustre.  The timber is in very good condition and has been sanded down and retreated using our Sikkens protection and varnish system for longevity and sheen.

The interior trim is neat and tidy and will receive a new carpet set.  Please note that the rear load area of this Traveller is also carpeted.

Mechanically this Morris Minor will have our usual full service and overhaul and comes with a years MOT and chassis guarantee.  The car runs on unleaded petrol.

Over the years good vehicles can pick up a few upgrades, this car is no exception and has a brake servo and reservoir top up kit (for easy brake maintenance).  It has an alternator which enables the vehicle to run the following upgrades  - halogen headlamps, electric washers, 12 volt sat nav charger and a CD/radio player hidden neatly in the glove compartment.  It also has an electronic ignition and a battery cut out switch.  The mirrors, which would have originally been on the wings have been replaced with classic door mirrors which are more practical in today’s traffic.  Passenger safety is improved by the inclusion of front and rear inertia seatbelts.

Black Travellers of this year are always interesting as they were a special order as Black had become unfashionable in the 1960’s.  BMC would only paint vehicles Black if they had orders of 100 or 150 and then they would carry out a short run using the standard Cherokee Red Interior trim.

Price £12,950


Please note:  The photographs we have used are library pictures and have been used for example purposes only


1968 Trafalgar Blue Traveller with Pale Blue Interior Trim


This is a great traveller in a traditional Trafalgar blue and the paint has a great shine and lustre.  The timber is in very good condition and looks new.

The interior trim is neat and tidy and recently had a new carpet set and door panels.  The previous owner has even created a carpeted cover for the rear load area so that one’s baggage is hidden from the casual observer.

Mechanically this Morris Minor will have our usual full service and overhaul and comes with a years MOT and chassis guarantee.  The car runs on unleaded petrol using the system 4 converter for a leaded head.

Over the years customers  will often add upgrades for their safety and convenience,  this car is no exception and has a brake servo for improved braking.  It has an alternator, which allows the buyer to add electrical upgrades without affecting performance.  This traveller has an aerial and speakers already fitted but no radio.  A CD/radio player can be hidden neatly in the passenger glove compartment if so desired. It also has an electronic ignition and a battery cut out switch. 

The mirrors, which would have originally been on the wings have been replaced with classic door mirrors which are more practical in today’s traffic.  Passenger safety is improved by the inclusion of front inertia seatbelts. For those who like to keep an eye on their oil, water and temperature  levels this car has the dials neatly fitted into the drivers glove box compartment.  There is also a clock in this configuration.  This traveller has the 1098cc engine which has the power to take advantage of the tow bar that has been fitted to pull a trailer if needed.

All in all a beautiful car that will give many years of pleasure to the new owner.

Price £13,950


1971 Maroon Traveller with Red Interior Trim


A lovely looking Traveller finished in deep Maroon that was sold by us recently and we are fortunate to have back.  It has excellent timber, good body and paintwork and a lovely Cherokee Red interior trim fitted with front inertia seat belts.

The car has recently been upgraded with a reconditioned 5-speed gearbox, front servo assisted brakes, an alternator, electronic ignition, Dual Temp/oil gauge, halogen headlamps, hazard warning lights, battery cut-out switch, rear fog lamp, 12v supply socket, CD player and a tow bar.

This upgraded car is therefore a lovely smooth drive and suitable for modern driving conditions.

Being a late traveller the vehicle is fitted with a column steering lock. 

Our usual rust protected chassis guarantee will be provided along with a new MOT and it will be fully serviced.

This is a superb looking Traveller that has always been garaged and well looked after. 




1969 Trafalgar Blue Traveller with Light Blue Trim


This Traveller has just been processed through our workshops where it has received a full exterior repaint in Trafalgar Blue and a treated timber frame.

Our usual rust protection guaranteed chassis will be given on the vehicle along with a new MOT and the car will be converted for unleaded fuel.

The chassis carries our usual rust protected guarantee.  Once sold it will receive a full service and MOT.

The car has a very nice light blue interior trim and is fitted with front inertia seatbelts. 

It also benefits from a brake servo and can have any of our further upgrades fitted.







1961 Clipper Blue Traveller with Light Blue Trim


The previous owner had spent a lot of money on this traveller a few years ago.

This included a full body rebuild, an external repaint and a new interior trim, all completed by Charles Ware's.

The timber has just received a full timber sand down along with a rust protected guaranteed chassis.

The car has been fully serviced, mechanically overhauled and a new MOT has just been done.

It is also converted for unleaded fuel. The vehicle also benefits from a newly fitted reconditioned gearbox.

A number of upgrades have been added, including a brake servo, an alternator, an electric washer kit, classic door mirrors, front and rear inertia seat belts and a rear centre lap belt.

This is a lovely early traveller finished in attractive Clipper Blue.

This car can be ready in two weeks from the point of sale.


1970 Trafalgar Blue "Series III"  Traveller with Light Blue Interior Trim


This is a very good looking Traveller that has been recently processed through our workshops,  it received a rust protected guaranteed chassis, a full timber sand down treatment, various body and paint improvements and a new carpet set fitted into a lovely interior trim.

The car has been fully serviced, overhauled, and converted for unleaded fuel.

We will fit a 1300 engine, a reconditioned 5-speed gearbox and classic suspension kit with front anti-roll bar.

The car also benefits from a new front servo assisted disc brake conversion kit, an alternator, electronic ignition, battery cut-out switch and our 5 star package. It also has front inertia seatbelts and a rear fog lamp.

Series III Travellers are very rare, hard to find and this one is an excellent example.






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