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 Low Financial Depreciation. 

 Low Insurance.

 As Low a carbon foot print as any car on the road. 

 High reliability.

 Classic Style 

 Historic Vehicle Tax Exempt 



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Due to the high demand for top quality Morris Minors and their limited supply we ask you to come and see us or register a positive interest in a certain model or colour and leave your contact details with us. We then contact you when we have a vehicle to suit your specific budget and specification.  

If you are interested in purchasing a car from us please fill in the questionnaire and return it to us by post or email.

 If you would like further details please contact Andy, Tim or Lucy on (+44) 0117 3003 754


We regularly export Morris Minors to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and many other countries. We can convert your Morris to Left Hand Drive

 OUR PRICES ARE QUOTED IN GBP ( £ ) - You may use the conversion tool on the list pages to convert to any other currency.






 An article from Classic Car Buyer with reasons why the Morris Minor is still a good buy.



 Durable car ownership - is based on the same principles that govern house ownership, where the priorities are to eliminate dry rot, rising damp and leaking roofs and to make sure the plumbing and electrics are safe and reliable.

Durable_Car_Ownership_morris-minorWe apply this philosophy and practice to the Morris Minor because it is an excellent Durable Car - designed over 60 years ago by the great Sir Alec Issigonis (whose next car was the Mini). In engineering terms it is light years ahead of its time. The handling, light steering and drive-ability are acceptable on today's roads. In its original standard form, the brakes are old fashioned and it lacks many of the amenities we are now used to. To bring it up to date we offer over 30 improvements for convenience, safety and comfort to choose from and with a few of these fitted, the Morris Minor is practical, safe and above all very reliable for daily use with the advantage of free road tax, low insurance and very low financial depreciation.


sale_preA modern car is planned to have a very short economic life. On average financial depreciation runs at 20% per annum so that in a very short while the necessary replacement of electronics let alone an engine, costs more than the car is worth. Now that climate change and carbon foot prints are rightly being focused on, it is good to know that a Durable Morris Minor has a lower overall carbon foot print than any normal modern car on the road.


Why Buy From Us

You are probably wondering why our cars seem more expensive than the prices shown in the classic car guides.

The answer is that we have been producing Durable Morris Minors with long term futures for the last 35 years, not just 'classic' cars with a new MOT and service.

All Morris Minors are over 40 years old and the majority of them patched up underneath to pass MOTs over the years. Even ones that are supposed to be first class are often not good.



Recently a traveller described as 'ready for showing' was purchased from an internet auction site for £5000.00

The new owner came to us for advice and some minor improvements and was horrified to find out that the chassis was badly rotting away under the carefully applied underseal. We cut out all the weak patched areas and replaced them with new guaranteed purpose made steel sections, injected internally with wax oil. The cost of dealing with it long term was £2000.00 plus.


Because Morris Minors work well with minimal servicing they usually need a lot of pulling together to get them safe and reliable for long term use.


  1. On average we put £800.00 of parts and two or three days over labour into this area alone.

  2. In the case of a major rebuild in excess of 400 hours of labour and thousands of pounds worth of parts go into the job.

  3. Cosmetics come second to function, so a £4000.00 car from us will look quite ordinary but function very well and be ever so strong in the important places.

  4. Coming to us takes away much of  the risk and complexity from purchasing a vehicle and ensures that you will drive away with a safe, reliable, guaranteed vehicle.

  5. Ideally it is worth you coming to see us and if we don't have exactly what you are looking for we can always find the right car tailored to your budget.

  6. All our cars are sold with chassis guarantees, new 12 month MOTs, fully serviced and overhauled for daily use reliability. We also list our cars for sale on Car and Classic.


For your interest here is an article about us and our Durable Car Scheme written by Russ Harvey for the May 2009 issue of Minor Monthly Magazine

Insurance rates are very low. Please ask for details


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