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Auto Body and Paint Repairs

auto body and paint repairs BristolHere at Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre Bristol we provide restoration and repair services for other cars; both Classic and Modern. Our workforce are skilled in all the traditional skills of auto restoration, body and paint repairs and can turn their hand to all sorts of diverse projects.

Welding: MOT welding , panel replacement.  We have a welding bay big enough for 3 cars to be worked on at any one time. 

Panel Beating and Body shop:  All types of traditional panel beating, welding and metal work.

Paint, touch up and accident repairs:  We are proud to have a drive through Spray Booth enabling us to re-paint vehicles as large as Classic American Automobiles to VW camper Vans as well as the skills to colour match and make good local repairs.

Mechanical servicing: MOT, Tuning, Trouble shooting for traditional engines.

Auto Trim and Upholstery: The trim shop incorporates Crown Sunroof and Trim. Established 25 years ago it deals with the interior trim, headlinings, upholstery and sunroofs of all vehicles, not just classics.

Each member of our workforce has worked on other vehicles. This page gives us a hint of what they can do. It is always in the process of being updated as we gather the photos from the workforce and new projects are completed.


Austin A30

This Austin A30 is in for a full repaint and freshen up. The photos below show the process of stripping the paint back to the bare metal. It is in the process of being primed before a full external respray.


BMW panel repair

Just to proove that even a thoroughly modern car can have it's dents and dings repaired in our bodyshop and paint booth here are some images of a BMW which came to us in November of 2011 for some work to it's bumper and rear panels.


Daimler Sovereign 

This beautiful car had a small dent and scratch on the rear nearside wing. A clean up, reshape, some contouring and a trip through the booth soon made the problem disappear.


Cortina mk V

This Cortina is now finished. A V6 South African import.

The top pictures show it leaving the Centre. While the bottom show some of it's work in progress. A full chassis rebuild has been done, body panels have been replaced or repaired and it has been resprayed in our paint shop. This came from a customer who was so pleased with the restoration that we'd done on his Morris Traveller that he entrusted us with his rare Cortina.

Work in Progress


Mini MK II Clubman

This mini has been to us before many moons ago. It has come back for some TLC and a timber spruce up.




Pontiac Lemans Sport 350

This 1970 Pontiac Lemans Sport 350 Automatic was restored by Adrian Fry, our chief car sprayer and car sales manager. It was imported from California in May 2006. It is totally original and the milage is believed to be correct. It has an Edlebrock Carburettor and Manifold with a new Dual exhaust.


Morris 12

This Morris 12 was brought to us after having stood for many years. We "recommissioned" it, giving it a service and preparing it for it's MOT. Which it duly passed.


1950 Land Rover 80" 

This classic British vehicle was built from thr ground up from a pile of parts by John Knowles (in stores) and son a few years ago. It had been stripped down to provide spares but there was enough left to give a good base to rebuild from. Axles, engine and gearbox were all stripped back and restored. A fuel tank was built from scratch. It won first prize at the National Series I Land Rover Rally.


VW Camper Van

This van has been totally rebuilt on site by Neil Harwood, of Crown Sunroofs and Trim, one of our senior interior trim fitters. The bodywork and paint respray were done in our body shop. The chassis has had a small bit of welding  completed in the welding bay. The interior is still in progress but has been totally stripped out and is being replaced. The engine has been stripped down and repaired where needed.


MG Full Restoration

Another of Neil Harwood's cars. He's had this MG for many years and it is now looking rather fabulous after his renovation.


Ford Mustang Fastback

Between 2001 and 2004 Adrian Fry and his colleagues at the Morris Minor Centre set about restoring this Ford Mustang Fastback. It was stripped back to the bare metal and repainted. The 302 V8 engine was rebuilt as was the transmission. The exhaust was totally replaced. A completely new interior was fitted. It also had new Torque thrust wheels and tyres, A Street Bandit handling kit, a full suspension rebuild and a front disc brake conversion. Not only did it win some prizes but it made Adrian famous with a double page spread in the Evening Post.


1958 Chevrolet Apache 31 Pick Up

Imported in 2006 from San Diego this Chevvy was restored by one of our Mechanics, Darren Mackrell. The body work and respray were done with the help of Adrian Fry, while Paul Bidgood did a bit of welding. Darren replaced the enginewith a 5.TSmall block and a TH350 box.


1934 Ford 3 Window Coupe Hotrod

This hotrod is a work in progress by Tony Waters from the stores department. It has a Rover V8 engine and 5 speed gearbox with a Volvo back axle. It has been built from the ground up. It is finished in Two Pack paint, which is a base coat of black with a clear top coat to give it the depth of a glass type finish. A base coat and clear finish in black giving it a glass effect.


Toyota Celica ST 2000

Another car restored and painted by Adrian Fry our car sales manager and chief car sprayer. Long term customers of ours will recognise Avon House on the Lower Bristol Road as the setting for many of these photos.


Ford Sierra Track Car

Adapted to ride with the Old Skool Trackers, Adrian Fry resprayed this at the centre.


Ford Escort

Restored By Tony Waters in the parts department.



Here are some photos of a TR5 in the process of restoration. As one of our chief welders, Paul Bidgood has taken this series of photos showing the work he has done on the chassis, up to the point of the bodywork being repainted. Having got this essential welding work done the owner of the TR5 will now do the rest of the restoration himself.


MG Welding

Our welders are well versed in different models and types of welds needed on classic cars. This MG was bought to us recently for some wing replacement panels. 


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