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Electrical Upgrade/Options For The Morris Minor



alternator1) ALTERNATOR CONVERSION KIT - A very important upgrade. 

Essential if you need a heated rear screen and important if you are considering halogen headlamps.
Including a quality, cloth, short loom; supplied and fitted £144.00 +VAT

Please Note: Most Morris Minors were originally fitted with a dynamo and for motoring this is adequate. However, if you spend a reasonable amount of time driving in the dark, in slow moving traffic and have ancillary components, for example, heated rear screen, powerful radio, halogen headlamps, then an alternator will help make your vehicle more reliable for the following reasons: A dynamo’s maximum output is 22 amps. A normal vehicle with headlamps, wipers and heated blower on will demand approximately 18 amps. Therefore leaving a cushion of only 4 amps to sustain the battery, whereas an alternator, on tick-over will produce 28 amps, more than enough to deal with existing demand and also additional demands, such as halogen headlamps, heated rear screen, powerful radio. Also, batteries tend to last longer if they are kept fully charged and an alternator is best at doing this.



delay_12)WIPER DELAY SYSTEM - supplied and fitted £82.00 + VAT This is a very effective and practical improvement. It provides either constant on or 10 second delay. It is also available as a kit with full fitting instructions.




halogen headlight3) HALOGEN HEADLAMP CONVERSION - These lights are much brighter than the original Morris Minor sealed beams, you will see and be seen much better with this conversion.

Supplied and fitted £62.50 +VAT





hazard warning lights switch4) HAZARD WARNING LIGHTS - These are standard on modern cars. Morris Minors were never produced with them. The switch can be fitted in a position to suit you, either clearly visible or out of view, we can agree your preferred options. 

Supplied and fitted £86.50 +VAT




5) HEADLAMP FLASHER - Tasteful switch neatly fitted on dashboard including connecting in relay to operate headlamps.

Supplied and fitted £62.00 +VAT



6) SINGLE SPEED HEATER CONVERSION - With a high capacity heater matrix and hotter running thermostat. This improves the original heater by approximately 15%.

Supplied and fitted £255.50+VAT




The glass on these windows has been etched and looks like modern heated windows and they work well. It is strongly recommended that an alternator is fitted with this conversion.
Supplied and fitted £222.00 +VAT


 8) HEATED FRONT SCREEN - Supply and fit with new rubber and associated wiring and including a ten minute timer delay. £396.55 + VAT



unleade-device9) UNLEADED DEVICE (SYSTEM 4) - This system is a practical and affordable solution to running on unleaded fuel, which we have been using for many years without any problems and is well recommended. Further details available on request. (See FAQ)

Supplied and fitted £92.50 +VAT





10M169LFM2   10) UNLEADED CYLINDER HEAD - Supplied and fitted including labour and       materials £325.00 +VAT (Please note – before an unleaded head is fitted to       an existing engine we recommend a controlled oil consumption test be               carried out. Please ask for more information on this or go to FAQ). 





electronic ignition kit11) ELECTRONIC IGNITION – this is a very popular upgrade. It is very common for the points on a standard Morris Minor to close up, causing misfiring, poor timing and sometimes even a breakdown. Because the electronic ignition replaces the points and condenser, this will increase the overall reliability of your Morris Minor. 

Supplied and fitted £115.50 +VAT



battery cut off switch12) BATTERY CUT-OUT SWITCH - incorporating an anti-theft device*

Supplied and fitted £55.50 +VAT






13) ELECTRIC WASHER KIT - With tasteful period switch, fitted in existing washer pump position. 

Supplied and fitted £84.50 +VAT









fog_light14) REAR FOG LAMP - Supplied and fitted £64.50 +VAT







reverse light15) REVERSING LAMP (MANUAL) - Supplied and fitted £64.50 +VAT (Please notethe automatic version is only available with the 5 speed conversion, please ask for further details)






dual water and oil pressure_gauge16) DUAL WATER AND OIL PRESSURE GAUGE - Original Smiths style £225.00 +VAT




17) WATER TEMPERATURE GAUGE - Supplied and fitted £87.50 +VAT


18) OIL PRESSURE GAUGE - Supplied and fitted £87.50 +VAT


radio cd19) RADIO/CD PLAYER - Modern radio CD, with radio data signal, supplied and fitted, tastefully with powerful speakers and aerial including option for MP3 auxiliary connection.

(Please ask for specific fitting details). 
Supplied and fitted £310.00 +VAT
Also available on request built in Ipod controller function. Please ask for details.



cigarette lighter 12 volt socket20) CIGARETTE LIGHTER/MOBILE PHONE POWER SUPPLY - Negative earth only £52.00 +VAT







side_mirror_crop_retro21) GOOD RANGE OF "CLASSIC" MORRIS MINOR MIRRORS AVAILABLE - either door mounted or on the wings.

A pair of wing mirrors* - supplied and fitted £62.50 +VAT
A pair of door frame mirrors* - supplied and fitted £62.50 +VAT


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