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This fits easily in place of the 1098cc Morris engine and the standard gearbox is all right if the car is not used as a ‘racer’. The ancillaries from the 1098cc engine are fitted to the new engine. The power output is not spectacular but gives drivers more flexibility to quickly pass other vehicles and offers a comfortable cruising speed on trunk roads and motorways – a welcome relief from being pushed onto the verge by trucks and buses!
The larger engine can be fitted without suspension improvements but it is advisable to improve the brakes, and a servo would be considered a minimum. Also, it is necessary to fit hardened half shafts to handle the additional power created by the engine.

Engine, supplied and fitted with modern modified rear crankshaft seal
Supply of donor unit for reconditioning 
Essential requirement – modern breather system 
Toughened half shafts – again essential 
1300 engine – supplied and fitted total £2,925 - can be discounted to......£2,525 +VAT

NB: Toughened half shafts are again essential to handle the extra power output of the 1300 engine. All engines are supplied to run on lead free fuel - please note that leaded fuel can also be used in lead free engines and will not damage the engine in any way.



This engine is a factory reconditioned 1098 engine, built by a member of the FER (Federation of Engine Remanufacturers). The engine would be fitted with a gas flowed ported cylinder head, also a fast road camshaft would be fitted together with duplex timing gears, a new water pump and thermostat and thermostat housing would be fitted, together with a new reader.

The cost to supply these parts all ready for our workshop to fit would be:                             £1,395.00

In addition to this, you will need:-


A reconditioned HIF carburettor, together with a water-heated aluminium inlet manifold and air filter to match


A mild steel 3 branch LCB free-flow exhaust system with twin boxes to include all clamps, hangers and fixings.


A new radiator is recommended and is included in the pricing.

Induction, exhaust and cooling parts                                                                                        £861.98

Remove existing engine and fit and test new upgraded engine together with replacement induction system and exhaust system – labour                                                                                                        £440.00

Fully rebuilt and uprated 1098 supplied and fitted – TOTAL                                        £2,696.98

Please note that the standard Morris Minor ignition system would be used in this scenario, but you can upgrade to an electronic system. Please ask for details.

When this engine is fitted, we will need to consider the clutch and if a new clutch was needed the current cost is £200.00

With the extra power produced by this engine it would be good practice to fit a pair of tuff-rided half-shafts. (Tuff-riding is a hardening process which is carried out to both half-shafts). The cost to supply and fit would be an additional £122.00.


sierra_gearbox3) GEARBOX OPTIONS

The gearbox conversion we have developed is a 5 speed one based on the Ford Sierra gearbox. This gearbox is very strong and durable with full synchromesh in all forward gears. Fifth gear pulls well behind a 1300 engine and is also suitable behind a standard 1098 engine, offering decreased engine revolutions at cruising speed, and therefore less engine stress and greater fuel economy. Kit includes bell-housing, gearbox and all necessary items. 
Supplied and fitted £1,995.00 + £60.00 surcharge on old unit +VAT (As an individual job)




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