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5 Star Package & Alternator Conversions

5 Star Package & Alternator Conversions

Exclusive to Car Sales Customers

Morris Minors are, by their very nature, reliable motor cars.  Our 40 years of experience with them has shown that, in matters of safety and mechanical reliability we are very successful.  Having said that, we have been analysing feedback from our customers, over the last 5 years and found there are a few items that have caused our customers problems. The items listed below are always in good working order when they leave us but, because we cannot test them formally, it is impossible to know how long they will remain functional.  If we changed all of these items as a matter of course, they would add about £450 to the cost of each car and, as most of our customers are quite careful about their budgets, it could make the car of their choice a bit beyond their means.

In order to encourage you to have these items changed and to ensure greater reliability, we are happy to replace them at a cost of £299.00.

New ignition coil                                                        £28.00                   
Distributor cap and lead set                                    £23.94                       
New battery                                                               £54.95                   
New genuine s.u. fuel pump                                   £69.85                       
New foot brake master cylinder                             £54.99                          
Parts (subtotal)                                                          £231.73

Labour to fit                                                               £148.50

   Total                                                                         £380.23
    VAT@ 20%                                                                £76.05

Total inc. VAT                                                            £456.28

Special Price                                                            £299.00

                                                                 (a saving of £157.28).

We also recommend that an alternator is fitted.  Most Morris Minors were originally fitted with a dynamo and for motoring this is adequate.  However, if you spend a reasonable amount of time driving in the dark in slow moving traffic and have ancillary components, for example, heated rear screen, powerful radio, halogen headlamps then an alternator will help make your vehicle more reliable for the following reasons:

A dynamo’s maximum output is 22 amps.  A normal vehicle, with headlamps, wipers and heated blower on will demand approximately 18 amps leaving a cushion of only 4 amps to sustain the battery.  An alternator however, on tick-over will produce 28 amps, more than enough to deal with existing demand and also additional demands such as halogen headlamps, heated rear screen, powerful radio.  Also, batteries tend to last longer if they are kept fully charged and an alternator is best at doing this.

The current cost of an alternator supplied and fitted including parts and labour:        £144.00
Plus VAT:                                                                                                                                       £28.80

Total:                                                                                                                                              £172.80

At the time of purchase this can be reduced to:                                                                    £135.00

Please note these figures include VAT @ 20%

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