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Out of Africa!

Out of Africa!

Starring another Charles Ware Morris Minor (and Alan Batcheldor)

Alan Batcheldor's Morris Minor came into the family in 1998, when his daughter acquired it. Alan, who knows his classic cars, is very pleased to be 'looking after' it, now his daughter has moved on. Built in 1958, Alan Batcheldor's Morris Minor is certainly well traveled.

"When it was still new its owner, a lady Major in the Medical Corps, took it to West Africa. It was shipped out of Liverpool then brought back to England at the end of her tour of duty," says Alan.

Despite its colourful history, Alan's Morris is no museum piece. 'She's had various upgrades since she's been in our ownership."

That's something of an understatement.

In fact, with more than a few discreet changes, courtesy of the Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire in Bristol, Alan's is a thoroughly modern Moggie.

For example, the engine has been upgraded to the later 1089cc unit, fitted with a fast road cam, duplex timing chains, a HIF38 carburetor with heated inlet manifold and a 3 branch free flow exhaust system with twin boxes. (Are you keeping up?) It now boasts an upgraded clutch and a type 9 Ford Sierra 5-speed gearbox, and the electrics have been completely overhauled so that the car now benefits from the heated rear window, halogen lamps, reversing lights, electric washers and hazard warning lamps, and a whole host of other refinements. 

Its original paint finish was Birch Grey, and Alan asked Charles Ware to fit a completely new interior, with leather seats (the front ones with built-in headrests). Oh, and the rear and front suspension have been upgraded too, with front anti-roll bar and front disc brakes all fitted with a brake servo unit.  

As makeovers go, Charles Ware has given it the works. 

Alan takes it to shows and on charity runs. "She's a joy to drive", he says. "The improvements have transformed the ride and handling. She often surprises modern car drivers with her abilities while still looking her age from the outside.

If you are interested in upgrading your Morris Minor like Alan visit our upgrades page to find out more.

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