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There's more to a Charles Ware Morris Minor than meets the eye!

There's more to a Charles Ware Morris Minor than meets the eye!

Just over six years ago, Hugh Marshall and his wife were thinking about what kind of car to buy.

There were several important considerations.

Whatever they bought had to be big enough to take Hugh, his wife Monty, their old English sheepdog, and it needed to be able to take a couple of bikes on the roof. 

Hugh's wife said she wanted "a car with 4 speeds and wind up windows".

This chimed his own sentiments. Like a growing number of people who stop to think about the meaning of life, the fate of the planet and so on, the Marshalls are sceptical about the current hunger for speed and novelty that seems to set the customer agenda. 

"I wanted a car that's low tech and slow," says Hugh. "One with character and genuine design pedigree."

In other words, a Morris Minor Traveller.

"We went to Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire. I rather expected it to be the sort of pokey, grimy, back-street garage I've always associated with used cars. So I could barely believe their size and professional resource. There were Morris Minors as far as the eye could see!"

Andy Hemings, the chief engineer, explained how Charles Ware takes 'donor' cars, restores them and offers hundreds of options to meet their customers' specifications.

"As I've said, I'm not in the least interested in flashiness or hi-tech gadgetry. Safety and reliability has to be priority, whatever you're driving. So I asked for disc brakes to be fitted to the front wheels, along with halogen lighting, and because I don't like the idea of not being able to start the car, I also plumbed for electric ignition."

As you can see - or, rather, not see none of these additions spoil the Traveller's classic lines.

"The only thing that ever worries me about it is the woodwork. I've got a thing about rotting wood! So it's booked in to Charles Ware, who'll give it the treatment it needs to preserve it. I considered trying to do it myself, but thought better of it!"

Six years on, how are the Marshall's getting on with their Morris Minor Traveller?

If you are interesting in buying a very safe, reliable, upgraded Morris, or fancy yourself something a bit different, visit our Car Sales and Upgrades page to find out more. 

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