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You can afford to do things by half with a Charles Ware Morris Minor

You can afford to do things by half with a Charles Ware Morris Minor

Everyone who works at Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire is a perfectionist.



We're also realists - a quality Suzanne Campbell- Jones and her husband appreciate.  

"I clearly remember my grandfather buying this Morris, brand spanking new in 1955, when I was in my teens. He was in his eighties then, but he built a garage especially for it. When he shook off the mortal coil, he left it to my uncle, a naval officer and engineer, in nearby Whistable. He too built a garage for it!

It then passed in to the possession of one of my cousins, who loved cars. She already ran a huge Jaguar, but tended the Morris Minor carefully, first in Wales, then in Scotland, where it lived in a barn. When the roof of the barn caved in - you can still see a dent where it hit the car - she asked me if I'd like to keep it in his family. Knowing how mad my husband has always been about cars, I said yes. (My cousin pointed out that, living in Bath, I was very lucky because there was a Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire in the city).

We nursed the car all the way down from Inverness, with the assistance of more than one AA man!

We took the car to Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre where we met Tim and Andy, and they have helped us look after it ever since. The great thing is that they understand two things: 1, that we can only have stuff done when we have the funds to pay for it. 2, That we want it to look and be what it is, a 62 year old Morris Minor, not one that's just rolled off the assembly line. So, for example, they went out of their way to find an old replacement seat that was old and worn enough to look as though it was a perfect match for the originals. We're keen that the car grows old gracefully.

Our grandchildren love it. As soon as the oldest one was eligible to drive, we took them up to an airfield where he was able to drive it round and the feel for what's its like to be behind the wheel of a living, breathing, 62 year old Morris Minor. I can see that it's future will be secure in their (and Charles Ware's) hands...

If you are interested in restoring your Morris Minor, have a look at our restoration page. We have a whole world of options for your Morris waiting to be discovered. 

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