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“Do you mind if I sniff your car?”

“Do you mind if I sniff your car?”

A perfectly reasonable request.

Karen Wallace had been shopping. She’d just come out of the supermarket and was getting into Daisy, her Morris Minor Traveller.

That was when a stranger approached her with this perfectly reasonable request.

Though at first a little taken aback, Karen understood exactly why he’d asked.

She kindly agreed. The man poked his head in and breathed deeply. He emerged with a blissful smile.

“Thank you so much. That takes me back…”

"We’re not surprised. A Morris Minor is distinctive and appealing in so many ways, not least the unique smell of its vinyl and wood."

Karen and her husband Mike are lucky enough to own three Morris Minors. There’s the aforementioned Daisy, a trusty Traveller built in 1968, that they’ve owned for 12 years now. Daisy is used on a daily basis for domestic duties and generally getting about.

Then there’s Boris, their workaholic van, decked out in the stylish Wallace Cattery & Kennels logo they recently had painted on the side.

And finally, there’s Doris, a real looker, a Morris Minor convertible that they like to drive when the sun’s shining.  Two models were purchased from Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire, and all three are serviced there regularly.

As well as three Morris Minors, the Wallace’s own three dogs, which they regularly take on motoring holidays with them. Their favourite UK destination is the Forest of Dean. It’s always a pleasant drive, says Mike Wallace.

“You always feel like you’re the only ones on the road when you drive a Morris Minor. That’s because everyone’s behind you.”


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