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Chassis and Lower Body Shell

Welding and Floor Panel Replacement

The crux of the matter...

Corrosion develops in the hollow box and double skinned sections of the lower body, eventually spreading throughout the lower bodyshell.
The long term method of repair is to cut out the rotten sections and replace them with replica strength panels, thus eliminating the problem of structural rust.


charles ware morris minor centre welding




This shows a typical chassis that has been repaired. The severe rust areas are shown in orange and are related to the hollow frame. Bottom flange laminates in the centre cross member (A1) open up and damp gets into the vertical laminate causing structural weakness.



This shows (in blue) where MOT patches and cover panels are used to disguise the condition of the underbody


Costing up...
  • This work can be staged over a few years to suit your cash-flow.
  • We focus on panels likely to fail the MOT on basic safety.
  • This work will be covered by our 2 year guarantee.
  • When we replace a complete centre to the car, from wheel arch to wheel arch, we give a 4 year guarantee.


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