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Rust Proofing & Preservation

Stronger, safer and more reliable

Internal Box Sections

The benefits of having the internal box sections injected and the underneath wire brushed include:
  • Avoiding costly MOT welding repairs
  • Giving your vehicle a higher resale value
  • Avoiding costly bodywork
  • Keeping your vehicle stronger and safer
  • Read more if you would like to know the ins and outs of it...

The work that goes in...

The injection process takes place by drilling small holes in strategic positions. A long flexible wand is then inserted into these holes and pushed deep into the box sections, where the atomised injection fluid is sprayed into the internal box sections. The flexible wand has a metal tip, which has four jets spraying at 60 degrees and one additional jet on its end, spraying at 25 degrees. When the wand is operated, the wand produces a standard 360 degree pattern and is an excellent method of coating long winding channels, such as chassis members, sills and door posts.

The injection fluid moves into all nooks and crannies and provides a physical barrier to air and moisture. This material has a long life, excellent adhesion, it is flexible through a wide temperature range and has good penetrating characteristics.

...and why?

When a new panel is fitted to the underside, of a vehicle and rust protected in this way, we give a formal five year warranty.


We recommend that after every major repair, or every three years that the internal box sections should be injected...

Any Morris Minor would benefit from this treatment. We have carried out this process on both Morris Minor's and other Classics, and would be happy to quote you for this work.

The material we use is called Tectyl and its products are approved by more than thirty major vehicle manufacturers around the world including Rolls Royce, Porsche, Volkswagen and Honda.


We recommend that the underside of a vehicle is wire brushed and cleaned annually. High-risk areas, such as above the headlamps and at the rear of the rear wheelarches are dealt with thoroughly.

We use Tectyl under-body coating in areas which have a high abrasion risk, such as the rear of the front wheelarch rise and the front of the rear wheelarch rise. We do not steam clean the underside, (as this makes everything too clean) the goal is to leave a modest amount of dust, which when sprayed with oil, will produce a sensible protective coating.

With the internal box sections injected every 2 - 3 years and the underside oil sprayed yearly, this will keep your Morris Minor or Classic in good order for many years to come.

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