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Traveller Wood

The Timber frame is structural and clad in aluminium panels. It must be rot free for basic safety.

In the know...

Rot starts due to damp penetration. This first stage rot cannot be eliminated by bleaching and re-varnishing, this merely seals in the damp making the process accelerate.

However, If the old varnish is cleaned off and the rot area is treated this will give the wood a new lease of life.  

There are two options, one is to finish with clear Cuprinol and top coat of Danish or Teak oil which leaves a beautiful light finish but does need regular care.  Or with a Sikkens system which provides long lasting durability and good looks.

Timber replacement is very labour intensive, therefore it makes better economic sense to replace a whole side at a time rather than fit an individual section.

For over 20 years a top quality bespoke kitchen joinery company has manufactured our wood.  We use seasoned Ash incorporating all the original design details. The joints are hand-finished to ensure accurate fit. 

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wood frame
The wood frame of a Morris Minor Traveller is an essential part of the cars structure.

rear timber
Not all wood needs to be replaced as shown above. Often sanding down the old wood and removing discoloured varnish can be just as effective, as long as there is no rot. 

varnished timber
In many cases customers return the car for a light sanding and re-coat of danish oil to keep the wood in the best possible condition.

The Mini Countryman

Unlike the Minor the Mini Countryman's wood is not structural. But it can still be tricky to fit it well. The providers of our Traveller wood also make the frames for the Countryman. This gives us the capacity to supply and fit the high quality Canadian Ash frame to Issigonis's other iconic British car.

mini 2

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