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Steering, Suspension and Braking Options


One of our most popular conversions...

This upgrade can be added to the standard front brakes.

  • It makes them bite quicker and more efficiently.
  • It reduces the amount of braking effort needed to bring your Morris Minor to a prompt halt.
  • The servo (used in conjunction with the disc brake conversion) will make the brakes feel light and responsive and comparable to a mid 90’s production saloon. 

One day to fit.

Supplied and fitted £550.00 +VAT


This conversion can be used on its own OR in conjunction with the suspension conversion described below.

This upgrade will boast the following,

  • Self adjusting
  • Not effected by water, oil or brake fluid
  • Easier to maintain
  • Unlikely to become sticky and seize up if left for a few months untreated (a common problem with original wheel cylinders).

This kit includes a brake reservoir top-up kit (see bellow) in the engine compartment, this is essential because the disc brake draws off more fluid than can be contained in the master cylinder. 

See our article in Classic Car Mart November 2012 issue as an example.

One day to fit.

Supplied and fitted £819.00 +VAT


This is convenient on a standard Morris Minor because you can check your brake fluid levels at a glance.

Existing owners know how awkward it can be to check the brake fluid levels under the floor.

This is carried out as an individual job,

One day to fit.

Supplied and fitted £125.00 + VAT


We would normally recommend radial tyres (155x14).

One day to fit.

Supply, fit and balance

Quality 155 x 14: £69.99 + VAT

Quality 145 x 14: £102.99 + VAT

Please note - a set of four white or silver stove enamelled wheels supplied and fitted £210.00 + VAT


This upgrade allows Minor owners to keep their 14" wheels and tyres (we do recommend 155x14 radials).

  • Preserves the original appearance of the car but dramatically improves road holding.
  • Disc brakes (Not included) can be safely added at the front, complete with the servo and the under bonnet top-up brake fluid reservoir. 
  • Handling and braking system fundamentally improves the cars safety.
  • We also offer the option of a front anti-roll bar, fitted separately, please see below.

Three day's to fit.

Front and rear handling kit, supplied and fitted without anti-roll bar - £879.99 + VAT

Front and rear suspension conversion, supplied and fitted including front anti-roll bar - £1045.00 + VAT


The mechincal bit...

The necessary modifications are then carried out to the body and the rear suspension and a pair of robust telescopic shock absorbers are fitted to improve the road holding. A pair of telescopic shock absorbers are also fitted to the front suspension. This combination provides a necessary increase in stability. The more efficient braking allows full use of the Minors traditional engine power, you can also add a 1300 engine safely to this package. This, our latest system, had been recently tried and tested in the London to Peking rally, of which the vehicle came 10th in its class. 

6) FRONT HANDLING KIT (as a separate job)

The front handling kit is in fact included within the Classic Minor suspension conversion but can be carried out as a separate job. 

One day to fit.

The cost to supply and fit £425.00 + VAT


The rear suspension kit is in fact included within the Classic Minor suspension conversion but can be carried out as a seperate job.

Our system has a welded turret on the rear floor which enables the Hydraulic suspension to remin vertical and creates a neater system all round.

One day to fit.





The cost to supply and fit £455.00 + VAT

8) ANTI-ROLL BAR OPTION (as a separate job)

The front anti-roll bar improves steering giving it a controlled feel. 

One day to fit.

The cost to supply and fit £199.50 + VAT


   Suitable for right hand and left hand drive conversion

   One day to fit. 







The cost to supply and fit £1980.00 + VAT

*All Prices shown on this list do not include VAT*

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