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Restoration Questionnaire

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  1. Click on the questionaire above to download a pdf file that can be printed from your computer. 
  2. Be as accurate in your reply as possible. 
  3. If in doubt get experienced advice when filling it in.
  4. When indicating weak areas on the car use a coloured pen or pencil.
  5. If you need extra room for comments attach your own notes, with your name and address at the top.
  6. Send back one questionnaire and retain another for your own reference. We will normally reply within a week or ten days.
  7. If you need advice within 24 hours, feel free to call and talk to us.

1. Check for corrosion on shoulder of wing and around headlamp.

2. On late models remove side light/indicator lens and check base.

3. Condition of grille, grille surround and chrome finishes.

4. Condition of chrome bumper blade, valance and over-riders

5. Shade soft areas of woodwork in red. Discoloured areas of woodwork shade in black.

6. Condition of chrome bumper blades.

7. Bottom of front door.

8. Open door and check bottom of shut pillar and hinge pillar.

9. Wheel arch rise behind front wing (tap with hammer).

10. Wheel arch rise, behind rear wing (tap with hammer).

11. Lift bonnet and check the area and seam.

12. Check for flaking paint on aluminium panels.

13. Check for interior split below quarter light.

14. Shade soft area of wood in red. Discoloured areas of woodwork shade in black.

15. Check for corrosion on rear wing.

16. Check area above rear spring hanger.

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