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Insuring your Morris Minor

Morris Minor insurance is terrific value. Quotes will vary but for our recommendations call the Centre on (0117) 3003 754.

There are a number of insurance companies who will insure Classic and Historic Vehicles.

Insurance for Young Drivers

Learners and first time car owners are looking to Morris Minors, Beetles and Minis as the insurance on many modern cars is exhorbitant. Fuse Classic Car ownership, safety and style with low cost motoring. Tax free and affordable insurance.

Insurance Valuations

We carry out realistic 'Agreed Value' insurance valuations for owners needing special cover. In order to give an authoritative written valuation we need to inspect your car. The charge is £25 plus VAT.

Accident Damages

These are charged for unless agreed in principle with your insurer but most accident estimates will be free of charge. To quote accurately we do need to inspect your car.  Third party estimates are charged for and the charge is refunded if we carry out the work.

Pre-Accident Valuations

Insurers respect our experience and opinions when assessing the pre-accident value of Morris Minors.  We have the experience to argue the case for long term value where the underwriter may only be looking at book value. If you have a problem please contact us to ascertain whether the insurance companiy's offer makes sense. If there were a case to take the matter further we would agree the matter in advance.

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