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Durable Car Ownership

 Durable Car Ownership...

Written by Charles Ware, was published in 1982, 

Your Morris can have a long (money saving) life if you follow our scheme.

It's based on the same principles that govern house ownership. Eliminate the rot, damp and leaky roofs; before you do the finishing touches like plaster, paper and paint.

What is it?

In other words, staged restoration with huge benefits.

We understand that sometimes our customers may not have the budget to restore a Morris all at once. This scheme provides time whilst saving you money.

It may not look brand spanking new to begin with, however, it will save you money per annum compared to other modern cars and be much more reliable.

The stats...

A modern car is planned to have a very short economic life. On average financial depreciation runs at 20% per annum so that in a very short while the necessary replacement of electronics let alone an engine, costs more than the car is worth. 


Once your Morris has been invested in, having used the many resources here at the Centre, your Morris will boast the following,


  • Excellent durable car
  • Practical, safe and above all very reliable for daily use
  • Free road tax
  • Low insurance
  • Very low financial depreciation
  • Low carbon footprint

We offer a finance scheme for staged restoration. Give us a call if you are interested, or have any questions.

For your interest here is an article about us and our Durable Car Scheme written by Russ Harvey for the May 2009 issue of Minor Monthly Magazine

Insurance rates are very low. Please ask for details.


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