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Durable Car Ownership

       Durable Car Ownership, written by Charles Ware, was published in 1982, Though the figures are woefully out of date and the chain of centres around the UK never materialized, the main thrust of the book is still as relevant as ever. It compares the cost of running and maintaining a "throw away" modern car with the benefits of owning a "long life car".

       Written at a time when the "Classic Cars" of today were just out of production, this book and the work of Charles Ware in promoting and practicing the philosophy within have arguably been an important influence on the continuing survival of many classic cars, not just the Morris Minor.

       Durable Car Ownership is based on the same principles that govern house ownership, where the priorities are to eliminate dry rot, rising damp and leaking roofs and to make sure the plumbing and electrics are safe and reliable, before you plaster, paper and paint.

       We apply this philosophy and practice to the Morris Minor because it is an excellent Durable Car - designed over 70 years ago by the great Sir Alec Issigonis (whose next car was the Mini). In engineering terms it was light years ahead of its time. The handling, light steering and drive-ability are acceptable on today's roads. In its original standard form, the brakes are old fashioned and it lacks many of the amenities we are now used to.

       To bring it up to date we offer over 30 improvements for convenience, safety and comfort to choose from and with a few of these fitted, the Morris Minor is practical, safe and above all very reliable for daily use with the advantage of free road tax, low insurance and very low financial depreciation.

       A modern car is planned to have a very short economic life. On average financial depreciation runs at 20% per annum so that in a very short while the necessary replacement of electronics let alone an engine, costs more than the car is worth. Now that climate change and carbon foot prints are rightly being focused on, it is good to know that a Durable Morris Minor has a lower overall carbon foot print than any normal modern car on the road.

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