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Morris Minor Colour Schemes

Morris Minor Colour Schemes

Morris Minors came in surprisingly varied colours. below are pictures of most - but not all.

If you have photographs of any of the missing colours for example, Yukon Grey, then we'd love to show case them here so please send them in.

We would also welcome photographs of the very rare colours such as Pale Ivory, Faun Brown, Cumulus Grey.

You can download Morris Minor colour and paint codes with corrosponding trim information here.

Porcelain Green
















Sage Green














Photographs by Russ Harvey

Almond Green

Romaine Green

Deep Bronze Green

British Racing Green

Connaught Green

Smoke Grey

Trafalgar Blue

Teal Blue

Clipper Blue

Bermuda Blue



Persian Blue


Old English White

Snowberry White

Glacier White




Rose Taupe


Frilford Grey

Dove Grey

Birch Grey

Clarendon Grey



Cumulus Grey


Post Office Red



Minor Millions Lilac

Highway Yellow



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