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Hi Andy

its Donald here the 17 Year old that you sold a 1970 trafalgar blue WHW 239H Morris Minor to in March 2018 in Dunoon Scotland.

This is just a quick email to let you how I am getting on with the car. I have now covered about 600 miles in ‘Borris’ and have had no problems what so ever. I passed my driving test on the 17th of July and not only is Borris the first car I ever driven on the road he is also the first car I have ever driven by myself on the road. 

I now have a garage built and he now sits in a dry environment out of the constant wet and windy weather we get here in Dunoon.

I have been getting to know the car and do all maintenance myself.  

Some of the work I have done myself on borris includes:

Cleaning of the inner wings on a regular basis

Cleaning and touching up underseal on the underside on a regular basis

Replacement to the 2 rear brake drums

Replacement of a wheel bearing

Replacement of a rubber hose in the engine bay

Fully greasing all grease nipples and all moving parts

I have really got to know the car now and find it really easy to work on and it has totally exceeded my expectations and I intend to have many decades of happy motoring in it.

I am also taking part in a local classic car show in august.

Finally I have attached a few photos that I think you would like to see and I would like to once again thank you for all your help.


Best Regards 






Good morning Zac


I paid a visit to you yesterday morning to get the wiring sorted out on my Morris.


Just to say thank you,  your boys sorted out the problem so quickly and I am so pleased it is done.


Thank you for your help as well.


Kind Regards   David

Sent: 08 May 2018 

Subject: Recent purchase

We recently have purchased a convertible from you. We would like to commend the efforts and professional customer services we received from Andy Hemings. His help in sourcing the car to meet our requirements was excellent as was his valued knowledge, help, advice and assistance throughout the purchase and updates we had.added. Nothing was too much trouble.

It was a pleasure doing business with Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre, and we would have no hesitation in recommending Charles Ware to anybody who asked.

Kind Regards

Chris and Jackie 


Sent: 08 December 2017 

Subject: My Morris Traveller


Dear Andy and Everybody at Charles Ware!

Thank you so  much for my wonderful car and the fabulous warm welcome yesterday when I came to pick it up!

I have completed the first leg of my journey and we are getting to know each really well! I think it is love at first sight!

With warm regards from London trudi


Hi Zac,

Thanks for the photo and message from Mr Sykes... a lovely anecdote!!

Glad that you have received the payment... sorry it took so long!

We went out for a little ride at the weekend and showed it to some friends who loved it and couldn't believe in what good condition it was... maybe we will find you some new clients!

Have a good day,



Dear Andy,

Now E. . .  .  . . F has got her new identity in Sweden. Everything is ok and the only thing I had to do was to change side of the rear fog light. I had no idea it should be on the left side in Sweden. This was easily done by lengtening the cables and change side of the glasses.

Thank you for all your help. It was really a pleasure to make business with you.

All the best



Dear Tim,
Thanks for an amazing transformation of my Morris 1000 this week. The drive back to Essex was a total contrast to the outbound leg when the car was so sick. It now has the feel of a brand new, showroom-fresh car. Can't wait for the running in to be complete.

Dear Tim,

Just a quick note to say that Miss Grady is running very well - and getting better. We've had some lovely   Sunny days so I've notched up nearly 300 miles. Thank you once again for the work done to her. 

All best,


March 2017

To:  Tim, Wayne and all the team at Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre

Many thanks for the superb restoration work carried out to June's Morris Minor.  June is thrilled to bits to have her car home and won't let a drop of rain get on it!  From now on, it only goes out if the sun shines and everywhere is dry!  The colour is exactly as before and we didn't know it was called teal blue.  It looks gorgeous. 

It's a pleasure to have some of the minor details working again eg. a heater fan that doesn't scream, seat belts that work properly, an interior light that can be switched on, etc.  We are very pleased with the work (done to the time scale) and will recommend you to all our friends in the Morris Minor owners club.

Photo enclosed of "Meggie" with her proud owner.

Thanks again.

Fred & June

Dear Tim, Andy and Adrian,

I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the work you did on my Traveller. It drives beautifully and it was a fun and easy drive back from Bristol to Oxford. Smiling all the way home!! I’ve got used to driving on the right side of the road now, so that helps! 

Everyone who has seen the car has commented on the beautiful finish and the Mulberry Interior, it looks exactly how we wanted it to. I dropped my eldest daughter back at school in Oxford this week in it and we had a queue of people wanting to look inside the car and teachers reminiscing about how they had a Morris back in the seventies!

It has been a real pleasure to be a customer of your company, from the first call to Adrian back in January all the way through to collection in September. The driving “test” was fun also!
I will have no hesitation recommending you to anyone who is looking for a quality Morris Minor. Its great to see such a company thrive, not just because of the cars and quality of work, but as much about the people who work there.
Please pass on our thanks to everyone who worked on the car, (the children have christened her, “Gertrude" by the way!)
We have just returned from a trip to Stratford Upon Avon, from the comments we received when we got back to car park, I think you will be hearing from some people from around there to buy one!
I will see you again next year for a service for sure.
Best wishes,
Adrian and Anne Flowers and Family

For Tim, Andy and Wayne,

Just a short email to thank you for your excellent service and a fine job done on fitting a new hood to our Black Morris the other week.  Plus the brilliant service stretching to show us the best way out again and avoiding ghastly traffic!

Many thanks and will doubtless see you again at some stage.


Good Afternoon,

Thanks to your workshop rebuild in 2012 the car still looks marvellous, and the recon engine is delightful to drive.

2014 saw the car in N.Ireland for their "Spring Run", The Isle of Skye, "Minors on Tour" France, Belgium, The Netherlands and various rallies here in England.

Yours Faithfully 


Morris Minor welded floorA facebook comment about our head welder Paul Bidgood:

A very talented lad to produce this quality. I think he recently did some work on my black split screen tourer last summer... also to a superb standard.  It's the best investment ever to have welding done to this standard.








Good Morning Adrian & Andy,


Thank you very much for getting the car ready and to Andy for his patience with our driving around the estate.  Your customer service is outstanding.


We did get back safely, Ralf did do the driving, he is more experienced after all.


We see you hopefully in a years time for the annual service.


Many thanks and all the best,


Sabine & Ralf 



Hi Tim,

First of all let me give you and the whole team the best wishes for 2015!

At last I send you a few pictures of my Traveller. December's been quite busy here, so I couldn't find enough time to write to you earlier.

DH3406 is still running fine. I recently changed engine oil (+filter). 

A radio and speakers will be fitted in the near future. I bought a retro-looking radio with extras (bluetooth, MP3, USB etc). To support the speakers we're considering some sort of a bracket just above the floor in the middle underneath the dash.

The car keeps drawing attention. You all did a grand job. I still have to write a small article in our club magazine 'Minorage'.

Please send me some pictures from the Traveller at the NEC. I might be able to fit them in my article.

Wassenaar, where I live, is quite close to the sea. Most of the beach pavilions are gone now but as you can see fish + chips might be available during the winter.

There's one mill in the centre. It's still being used now and then. 

One of the bakers here uses the flour for some of his breads.

On one of the pictures you're able to witness me in front of my little workshop.

It used to be a dairy shop (amongst others) and I keep all the crockery etcetera in there. I also make the sandwiches there for afternoon teas.

Best regards,


Arrival: Dar es Salaam




We've just started the registration process here in Tz, which will take a while, but will result in a set of diplomatic plates for the car: is that another first for CWMMC?!! We'll take some more fotos when they've been fitted. I wonder if that means he will have officially changed his name...? ;-)

You'll also be pleased to know that a small crowd had gathered when the car was being off-loaded. When the doors to the container finally opened, there were several, very heartfelt 'wows' from the various onlookers!

Dear Adrian,


I feel compelled to write and acknowledge the splendid customer care you showed to me and my wife regarding our recent purchase of our beloved Morris Minor convertible from the time we agreed the schedule of work to be done to convert the original saloon to taking delivery of the finished car.  You kept us up to date with regular photographs of the work in progress and we became even more excited as the car was moulded to our specification.  You even met your estimated time for its completion!  It was a pleasure to deal with you.  Please also pass on our thanks to all those skilled technicians at the Charles Wares Morris Minor Centre who helped make our dream come true.


We are now looking forward to reliving the happy time we spent in our first (Series II) Minor in the late 60s.


Best Regards 


David and Toni

Dear all

Just to say thank you for the lovely job that was done on my traveller wood. It’s like having a new car and is much quieter which surprised me.

Also thanks for your help with my key problem!



Hi Georgina,

Just to say many thanks for sorting out my problem with the DVLA. There is no way that I would have been able to do it as the young lady there was in the, no way, no bend mood, so I am glad that she met her match.

Once again many thanks and also pass on my thanks to Adrian.


ear Tim and Andy,

Many thanks for your attention to my car. I had a pleasant run home. You got rid of the clunks, knocks and vibrations and the car is much more pleasant to drive.

Thank you both once again.



What to do in Bristol when you collect your Morris Minor


Hello Tim,


Thanks for your inquiry about our jolly boys! Here's an itinerary of our escapade:


When we left you we went straight to the SS Great Britain (Brunel's Second biggest ship).  I'd had a little run in the car but was still getting used to some of it's eccentricities namely; how close together the peddles are, where the indicator switch is and stopping the front passenger door from popping undone to the safety latch (a much more unnerving experience when you're not wearing a seatbelt!) but was easily remedied by locking the offending door.  Apart from the driver being  a little green the car performed perfectly even in heavy traffic.  We parked at the museum and spent a couple of hours appreciating Isambard's Great ship.


With the evening closing we decided to head for the Kendall guest house you recommended and after a short uneventful drive we were warmly received by Rose and her fascinating retired submarine engineer husband.  Time for Dad to watch his favourite soap "Emmerdale"  whilst I work out the best choices for places to visit tomorrow using the Wifi then down the pub to watch the mighty Blues (Chelsea) stuff PSG 2-0 (they don't like it up'em them lot!) whilst enjoying the fine cuisine served there and sampling all eight guest ales.  Back to the B&B to an old Sci-fi film and the rhythmic purr of an old man whose had a big day. 


After Rose cooked us a Full English we left her lovely B&B and headed for another of Brunel's great achievements: The Clifton Suspension bridge.  We struck gold with a lucky parking space right outside the visitor centre just as it was opening and after learning all we could there we set off for a walk across the elegant structure and up to the observatory which had a for sale sign screwed to it.  The views of the gorge, river and City were just breath taking. If only I had the asking price of two million I would have purchased the observatory there and then just to have the opportunity to look out the windows on a daily basis.  Now on to the motorway for Swindon and the steam museum.


The car ran perfectly. Interestingly when compared to the sat. nav. the speedometer is only 2mph optimistic.  I was reminded of my naivety when the sat. nav. low battery signal kept bleeping and I had no where to plug it in. I was a pleasant drive albeit revy and noisy (what can be done about that induction noise?).  That said, it didn't stop my Dad snorting himself awake as we came off the motorway into Swindon much to my amusement (with no head rests I thought his head may actually fall of with all of that nodding to and fro!).  The museum tells of Swindon's rocket to the biggest and busiest hub of locomotive production and activity in the world then its slow decline into obsoleteness. Riveting for two engineering buffs like us.


A leisurely lunch and then back to the reliable old grey lady in the car park. With a date of birth of the 2nd February 1952 she's two months older than my Mum! I'll try to remember that for when we get home - I'm sure she'll find that really funny.  There again maybe not.  I took the opportunity to check the levels and underside of the car noted there's an oil leak from the pressure relief valve and a little water staining from the head gasket neither of which are worrying.  


We set off for sunny Essex and try to ignore the loud droning gasp of the carburettor (that's what Piers Morgan sounds like to me).  In Reading I decide to refuel and am pleasantly surprised when I calculate we are managing just over 40mpg.  My brothers think it hilarious that my wife calls me "Captain Slow".


The oil leak is a little worse but the water leak a little better and the new chirruping sound is a loose fan belt (looks like the alternator has moved slightly) the levels are still within tolerance so we press on with a pleasant evening descending around us.  I marvel at the way people assume your speed is much lower that it actually is when you drive something old - punctuated by people getting in a pickle on the slipways and wally overtaking manoeuvres on the A roads.


We make good time and arrive home to tea and medals with much loud banter and mirth (our ears were ringing a bit from the induction noise) and our wives greet us with fain interest and hot cups of tea.  I great father-son jolly boys for us both. We already begin to plan the next one....


Please find attached some photo's of our little adventure.


The oil leak was just the oil pressure relief valve being loose.  I had to take the oil filter off to get at it though.  The water leak subsided after a quick re-torque of the head.  I am really pleased with the way the car performed in all respects.  I think it an impressive testament to CWMMC high level of skill and competence.


I am also impressed with the general level of finish of the car especially the interior which on a budget, I appreciate was really difficult to keep contemporary with the rest of the motor and restore to a practical level of function.  I'm glad to say I feel you walked the tight-rope of cost vs finish and got the balance perfect.


I'm on the look-out for a higher ratio diff (not sure 3.9 or 3.7?), hardened half-shafts and a 5 speed kit next.  I've contacted the club about getting an age related plate and have registered it Tax and MOT exempt.  I'll put my marina discs on when I figure out what I'm going to do about the wheels.  Will I have to do anything to the servo?


I've posted the gearbox from my Dads car today I hope it lasts longer than the last one.  It should be with you tomorrow.  There's a job I didn't enjoy doing on the drive way. Those captive nuts! I replaced the cross member ones with studs I fabricated which meant disturbing the brakes as well then it seems silly not to treat the chassis rails with waxoyl. Still all done now and it sounds a lot better.  I found a top tip for easing the torsion bar out the way of the master cylinder bolts is to wrap a big ratchet strap around them - safe and easy. 


I wish you all the best and thank you and your team once again for what you've done,




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