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Useful links to our partners and other Morris Minor enthusiasts

Useful links to our partners and other Morris Minor enthusiasts


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MMOC Avon Branch

MMOC Morris Minor Owners Club

Auckland Morris Minor Car Club 

North Wilts MMOC

Morris Register South Australia

Nuffield house, Nuffield Place National Trust

Dorset MMOC

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The Durable Car Company Sri Lanka

Many of the panels we sell are manufactured by hand in our plant in Sri Lanka, developed as a partnership between ourselves and local interests in 1991.

London to Peking Rally 2000: 

The journey of a Series III adapted Morris Minor Saloon across varied terrain.

LeJog Traveller: 

Completing the Lands End to John O'Groats rally in a Traveller prepared by the Centre - an article by Ron Crissell

The Pros and Cons of Restoration from a customer's viewpoint:

An article from the MMOC magazine 'Minor Matters' by Sean Scott Hayward.

Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Radio

A list of our appearances in the media in the early years.


Visit the Nuffield Place Website 

Once the home of William Morris (Lord Nuffield)

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