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How To Use Our Parts Website

How To Use Our Parts Website


Our Parts page is categorised into specific sections. 

These sections are based on the different areas of your Morris Minor.

The Catalogue Site Map will show you how to find these areas.

It has been based on our binder catalogue, shown right. (In Accessories #PUB3101 - £7.00 + VAT) This is a fabulous purchase if you would prefer to view in book form!

Our site boiled down...
  • Clear exploded diagrams at the top of each section, with all parts numbered.


  • Parts are then listed with descriptions and photos to aid identification.


  • Each diagram has numbered parts e.g. #11 Identify the part you need then scroll through the listings until you find the #11. 


  • You will find a price, description and in most cases a photograph. Click on the basket icon to add to basket.


  • With kits and reconditioned items be sure to read the Detail View - information about what is included in the kit, other parts you may need, any surcharges and the conditions of returning your old unit.
Be aware,
  • Many fixings are common size nuts, bolts, screws and washers.  The original part numbers (e.g 10M245) are used to match the numbers in our original paper view catalogue.  You will find, for example USE 10M248” in the description of your desired part.  Continue to search for this alternative part and purchase instead.


A part may be listed in 3 different areas on our diagrams as #1, or #2,3 etc... (Our original diagrams are numbered in sequence, as opposed to each part having their 'own' number).

For example. DIAGRAM 'A' -  #1 - washer (10M245) / #2 - bolt

DIAGRAM 'B' - #1 - screw /  #2 - nut / #3 - washer (10M119)

#1 - washer and #3 - washer are exactly the same thing, just on different diagrams, thus, different parts of the car. Therefore we continue to list them this way but divert you to the correct part. 

When you find the parts you require add them to your basket.

A pop up will give you a summary of total cost inc. VAT. 

Once you have put everything you need in your basket you are ready to go to the checkout. 

  • BASKET – check that you have all the parts you need.  See below for information concerning out of stock, special order or ordering from abroad.
  • DELIVERY ADDRESS - Input your delivery address and any delivery instructions.  Please save this address to save time on your next visit.  You can set up multiple delivery addresses if necessary.  Leave delivery instructions if necessary.
  • REVIEW YOUR ORDER and CHOOSE POSTAGE– a summary of your parts, total cost inc. VAT.  Choose between First class delivery, available for orders up to 1kg or £35 and Courier (tracked, insured and next day delivery where possible) for parcels up to 30kg.  Some items such as gearboxes, drip mouldings, wings and valances have a set charge due to their size and weight.  You can add a reference number or description for your own record. 
  • BILLING INFORMATION – enter the address of the card you will be using.  You can save this address to streamline your next visit.
  • CONFIRM YOUR ORDER – Summary of all costs before going to the secure payment page.
  • MORPHPAY - Secure Integrated Payment Page.

Out of Stock, Special Order and Ordering from outside the UK

If any item in your basket is Out Of Stock, Special Order or you are Ordering From Abroad your order will be sent as a quotation and one of our team will respond to discuss your requirements. 

To purchase available stock online please remove the out of stock item. 

If you wish to enquire about a special order or out of stock item please create a separate order and submit a quotation request.  Follow the same procedure as if you are buying the goods and at the end of the process you will be asked to ‘Request Quotation’.  This will generate a quote and send a copy to us and you.  For those ordering abroad we will confirm carriage costs, order requirements and payment before any goods are sent.

For Car Sales or Restoration. Check out our FAQ or give us a call.

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