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Morris Minor Rebuilds

Morris Minor Rebuilds

A Charles Ware Morris Minor rebuild is built to the highest standard.

Check out this 1969 gENUINE CONVERTIBLE that recently passed through our workshops!  


The images (left) show the timeline of a stunning Morris Minor Traveller rebuild. 

The starting price is for an original specification rebuild comes with,

  • Alternator
  • Battery cut-out switch
  • Halogen headlamps
  • Classic door mirrors 

There are many other upgrades available from our Series III range to enhance the performance, safety and comfort of your bespoke Morris Minor.

The rebuild pulls together all of the restoration processes and skills that you can read about in the rest of the site.
  • Chassis: We start by rebuilding the chassis, removing all areas where there is a chance of rust, replacing panels, cross members, chassis legs etc. It is then rust protected with a generous oil spray a coat of underseal and a waxoyl injection.
  • Bodywork: When we get to the bodywork we will always replace the wings and rebuild the doors, bonnets and boots then respray it in a colour of your choice. The chrome is replaced with either new or A1 original chrome.  The Traveller will have new timber.  A convertible will have a new hood and frame.
  • Mechanical: Mechanically, the engine is overhauled and can be upgraded to the 1275cc version or our modified 1098cc. A 5-speed gearbox can be added to go along side this or to take the strain off the 1098cc 'A' block engine. Disc brakes and Servos are added depending on the buyers preferences. Suspension upgrades and handling kits are also optional. A new wiring loom is fitted along with an alternator allowing further electronic upgrades such as heated windows, halogen headlights, fog lights, phone/sat-nav charger and other treats.
  • Interior Trim: To match your newly painted Morris Minor we have a wide range of trim options. Again these can be traditional seat styles or else one of our Series III upgrades with head rests. In traditional vinyl or luxurious leather this brings a comfort and style to your 40 year old 'new' car. 

From the engine bay to the dash everything looks like new. The colours available range from the traditional BMC range to custom colours. 


As one customer pointed out "they never came out of the factory this good in the first place"

One may ask "Why do they seem so expensive?" The reality is that the youngest Morris Minor is now over 45 years old and the time it takes to bring one up to the standard expected can sometimes be as much as 500 hours of workshop labour. These cars once finished however are show winners and often unique. They turn heads and taking into account the durable nature of the car could last another 40 years with the correct maintenance. 

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