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At Charles Ware's we have been restoring and maintaining classic cars for 40 years.

Follow the links set out below to cover all areas of your Morris Minor or other Classic Car.

Visit Us!

Call today and make an appointment for a detailed structural inspection.

We will analyse the results and list any repairs in order of priority.

Please ask for either a, 

  • Free verbal estimate, 
  • Or, a detailed written estimate and send within 3-5 working days (reflecting the size of the job).

We would advise upon inspection,

  • a highly detailed mechanical report covering all aspects of the car at £72.50 +VAT (advanced booking is essential).

We will road test your vehicle and give a sound overview of its condition and inspect the chassis. These repairs can be put into two categories:

  1. Essential repairs - Chassis, body and mechanical
  2. Desirable repairs - Upgrades, trim, paintwork

(If you drive 1,000 miles a year and your engine is poor but usable, then engine repairs would be desirable. Whereas if your mileage is 20,000 a year then it would be an essential repair).

When preparing your final report we will take the following into consideration,

  1. The existing condition of your vehicle.
  2. Your expectations.
  3. Your budget.
  4. Your pattern of use. 

We will then put together a package that will suit you and your budget.

If you are unable to visit us,

We have provided a detailed questionnaire with instructions on how to fill it in.

Post it to us and we will reply within a 7-10 working days or discuss its contents over the telephone.  Any photos and other info is always useful.

For help with understanding the condition of your car please download our Where To Look For Rust pamphlet.



Got a query? Check out our FAQ or give us a call. 0117 3003 754 For the Parts department please phone 0117 3003 753