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Series III Upgrades and Improvements

All of our Morris Minor updates have been developed because of customer demand:
They reflect the needs of Safety, Performance and Convenience of today's roads.

  1. Suspension and Braking Options
  2. Engine and Power Train Options
  3. Electrical Upgrades and Options
  4. Conversion and Preservation Options
  5. Interior Trim and Numberplate Options

You may wonder where the name Series III comes from. In 1984, Paul Skilliter (founder and editor of Practical Classics magazine) was the first motoring journalist to make a serious comparison between a standard Morris Minor and one fitted with our then new updates. To emphasise the radical way our new products transformed many aspects of the Minor, he enthusiastically christened them Series III (Paul Skilliter A Series III Minor). His piece was followed by Autocar ("The Mighty WAH" shown right) and other major national newspapers, magazines and TV, all endorsing Paul Skilleter’s views. 
Over the subsequent years we have built not only very serious, quick updated Minors but fitted and sold small individual updates from the menu.
From our records, it is interesting to note that the majority of owners are still happy to drive their cars with the original specification, a remarkable tribute to Sir Alec Issigonis, who designed the original chassis and suspension layouts over 50 years ago!  His extraordinary foresight is of course demonstrated in his second car, the Mini, one of the great ‘drivers cars’ of all times. 
Anyone who has driven a Morris Minor, fitted with our suspension and braking system, knows that Alex Issigonis was incapable of conceiving a boring car! 


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