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Morris Minors by The Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre

Thanks to Matt Holt of MGL media for spending a couple of days at the centre filming and recording interviews to produce this film about Charles Ware and his Morris Minor Centre as it is in 2013. 37 years after it first began. We hope it gives those who have not been here a sense of the centre's scale and purpose.

Morris - A Minor Documentary

Thanks again to MGL for this contemporary look at the Morris Minor and it's drivers.

The Morris Minor is a classic British car which has been given another lease of life by a new generation of young drivers. Join us on a journey from its humble beginnings to it's current adventures on British roads with interviews with Mike Barson (Madness) Zac Ware (Charles Ware & The Proclaimers) Martin Wainwright (Author/Journalist) and a host of Morris Minor owners.

Morris Minor and MGL Media

As one of the MGL Media team is already a member of the official Morris Minor club and the proud owner of a Morris Minor convertible, they have to admit to being a little biased when it comes to this humble little car. In fact they have already produced a film, “The Morris: A Minor Documentary”, which is available to view above

Matt Holt of MGL Media in their upcoming documentary

The Businessman, the Buddhist and the Morris Minor

A film following the partnership between Charles Ware's Morris Minor Centre and The Durable Car Company of Sri Lanka. How the factory was set up to produce body and chassis panels for the Morris Minor using traditional panel beating skills. Starring Charles Ware and Dhanapala Samarasakera.

The Show Must Go On

Before the Morris Minor Centre, Charles Ware was a property developer in London and Bath in the late '60s and early '70s. This film was commissioned by Arena in a series about maverick entrepreneurs in the UK in 1974. With a working title of Champagne Charlie it became a flim about the rise and fall of Charlie's property business. The title changed to The Show Must Go On leaving Charles Ware walking the streets of Bath a bankrupt. Within the year Charles Ware had bought 3 Morris Minors, found a yard in Bath and began the journey that brought us the Morris Minor Centre.

All You Need Is Love ( and a Jenson that fires up)

Zac Ware (CWMMC) Danny Hopkins (Practical Classics) Micheal Coughlin and Richard (MMOC Barnsley Branch

With an impromptu rendition of All You Need Is Love to keep Danny Calm as they fire up the Jenson for the first time


Morris Minor 1000

Another short film that includes interviews with Charles Ware in 1989 and shots of him driving around country parks in a maroon convertible.

Perpetual Motion

This documentary was broadcast in 1992. It gives a quite a full history of the Morris Minor with some great archive footage. Part 3 includes a large section on the role Charles Ware and the Morris Minor Centre played in keeping these cars on the road.

The Charles Ware Classic Car Sales and Hire

Lucy Rose - The Middle of the Bed 

Lucy Rose bought this Replica Morris Minor Convertible in 2010. Seems she likes it so much that it has turned up in her video.


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